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Wiley Protocol for Women/Men


Wiley protocol delivery system has been designed to mimic the hormone levels our bodies naturally produce in a cyclical rhythm.


Wiley protocol hormones are compounded using only natural FDA approved plant-derived molecules that are identical to the ones found in our own bodies.


Wiley protocol pharmacies are individually trained and tested quarterly to ensure patients are receiving the same quality compounded products every time.

The Wiley Protocol® for Women

Biomimetic Bioidentical Dual Hormone Restoration Therapy: Estradiol and Progesterone Cream

The Wiley Protocol® is a trademarked, patent protected bio-identical dual hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) delivery system consisting of estradiol and progesterone in topical/transdermal cream preparations — dosed to mimic the natural hormones produced by a woman’s body when she was in her prime reproductively.

The Wiley Protocol® is the only multi-phasic rhythmically dosed BHRT available. The creams are administered via color-coded capped syringe applicators. The amounts of hormone vary throughout the 28-day cycle which restores hormones to youthful levels. The Wiley Protocol® for Women is packaged in an evergreen thermal heat and cold resistant envelopes and applicators for estrogen and purple for progesterone.

The Wiley Protocol® for Men

Biomimetic Bioidentical Dual Hormone Restoration Therapy: DHEA and Testosterone Cream

As men get age, they often notice a decline in their competitive interests, sex drive and overall energy and enthusiasm. Most men experience androgen and testosterone decline beginning around age 28 that often goes unrecognized for at least 15 years. Copious research has shown that restoring androgens and androgen response to optimum seasonal levels can provide significantly improved mood, increased energy and sexual function. Restoring the body’s normal levels of hormones can make a man feel strong, healthy, energized and happy again while protecting his heart, prostate, bones and brain.

The Wiley Protocol® for Men is the first and only dual bioidentical, biomimetic, non-injectable, non-pellet BHRT hormone replacement therapy on the market to date. The doses of DHEA and testosterone vary throughout a 28-day cycle in sync with their sexual partner and change seasonally to mimic the amounts of hormone that naturally fluctuate in a man in his reproductive prime. The Wiley Protocol® for Men is provided in color-coded light blue and burgundy envelopes with matching capped syringe applicators.

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