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The decrease in Testosterone and HGH levels occur as men age or with certain health and medical conditions. These decreased levels can cause weight gain, loss of muscle mass and issues with sexual function. Dr. Davis has extensive experience in reversing these unwanted effects, and help men regain their vitality and improve their sexual function.

Testosterone & HGH Therapy Q & A

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, primarily produced in the testicles and responsible for the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. These characteristics are muscle strength and mass, sex drive, bone density, sperm production and distribution of fat. In addition, Testosterone has cardiac benefits and has been shown to improve memory, sexual function and an overall physical energy and wellness.

What Happens To Your Testosterone Levels With Age?

The production of Testosterone generally peaks as a male reaches’ adolescence through early adulthood. As men age, Testosterone levels decrease, approximately 1% per year after the age of 30.

How Do I Know If I Have Low Testosterone Levels?

A simple blood test is the best way to know your Testosterone level, which can be conveniently performed in the office at Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institute.

What does testosterone therapy at Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institute entail?

Each patient’s Testosterone therapy program begins with a medical history review, physical  exam, and an InBody scan. The scan provides a valuable and comprehensive look at the composition of the body - including the percentages of water, muscle, fat and minerals. Combining the scan results and Testosterone level, as determined by a blood test, Dr. Davis devises a personalized therapy program. This program will be a combination of Testosterone injections or cream, detoxification including IV Chelation/Nutrition therapy, IV push Glutathione, weight loss programs, variation of diet and exercise plans, nutritional supplements, and ongoing evaluations.

What Results Can Be Expected From Testosterone Therapy?

Benefits include an increase in muscle mass, particularly when used in conjunction with a weight training program.  This increase in muscle mass will accelerate metabolism, reduce body fat and improve vitality. Decreasing fat also offers numerous health benefits, such as lowering the risk of Type-2 diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. These benefits translate to improved brain health and mood, increased energy and sexual function, and libido.

What Is human growth hormone therapy?

We need the proper amount of human growth hormone (HGH) to maintain a balanced amount  of fat, muscle, and bone density in our bodies. The growth hormone is responsible for muscle, mental function, and sexual function. By replacing diminished HGH, patients enjoy better skin tone, improved bone density, muscle strength and mental function, and an overall feeling of wellness.

What is Dr. Davis' Treatment Approach for Erectile Dysfunction?

A comprehensive approach starts with “getting to know you” and your personality, reviewing your medical history and records from other providers, understanding family and work relationships, conducting a thorough medical exam, and as needed order diagnostic tests.

Treatment Plans (Dr. Davis develops a practical and flexible plan for each patient)

  • Life style modification
    • Sleeping habits
    • Relaxation methods
    • Healthy diet plans
    • Exercise regiment
  • Relationship counseling (family, friends and work)
  • Weight loss programs
  • Chronic disease or condition treatment plans minimizing medications
  • Professional grade nutritional supplements and detoxification
    • IV Chelation to Detox Heavy Metal toxin
    • IV Nutrition to quickly replenish and boost immune function
    • IV pus Glutathione to help body to detox properly
  • Testosterone Therapy
  • HGH Therapy
  • PDE5 inhibitors such as Tadalafil or Sildenafil
  • Trimix: An injectable three-drug prescribed medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. The injection is compounded by a pharmacist and administered via intracavernosal injection.  The active ingredients are:
  • P Shot® (Priaspus Shot®) for a healthier and harder penis
  • P Wave Therapy: Apex Magnum Acoustic Wave Therapy system
  • Dual Technology: Electromagnetic & Pneumatic Shock Wave, for a healthier and harder penis
  • Penile Pump

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