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P wave, Priapus Wave, Acoustic Wave Therapy

What is Dr. Davis' Treatment Approach for Erectile Dysfunction?

A comprehensive approach starts with “getting to know you” and your personality, reviewing your medical history and records from other providers, understanding family and work relationships, conducting a thorough medical exam, and as needed order diagnostic tests.

Treatment Plans (Dr. Davis develops a practical and flexible plan for each patient)

  • Life style modification
    • Sleeping habits
    • Relaxation methods
    • Healthy diet plans
    • Exercise regiments
  • Relationship counseling (family, friends and work)
  • Medical weight loss programs
  • Chronic disease or condition treatment plans minimizing medications
  • Professional grade nutritional supplements and detoxification
    • IV Chelation to Detox Heavy Metal toxin
    • IV Nutrition to quickly replenish and boost immune function
    • IV push Glutathione to help body to detox properly
  • Testosterone Therapy
  • HGH Therapy
  • PDE5 inhibitors such as Tadalafil or Sildenafil
  • Trimix
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy(P Wave Therapy)
  • Priapus Shot® (P Shot®)

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), What is P(Penile) Wave Therapy?

For best result, especially for patients who have diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, chronic smoker, and other vascular issues, prior & after Priapus Shot®(P Shot®), and with or without P Shot®, we highly suggest patients to do P Wave Therapy (Acoustic Wave Therapy).

We offer the best Acoustic Wave Therapy System: Apex Magnum, which uses dual technology of Electromagnetic and Pneumatic Shock Wave.

APEX Magnum AWT Stand Alone or Combination Treatments

The APEX AWT Device works to Repair, Restore & Rejuvenate a broad spectrum of health conditions.

• Non-invasive treatment

• No down time

• Pain-free

• Simple application

• Visible results

• Versatile


• ED

• Non responders to Pde5i treatment became responders

• Combination with the P Shot® to enhance results of both therapy

• Peyronie's Disease

• Sexual Enhancement (heightens performance by improving blood flow)

Erectile Dysfunction due to poor blood flow

• utilizes high frequency, low intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis. The sound waves repair aged blood vessels, stimulate growth of new blood vessels and remove decades of micro-plaque.

• Over 80% of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) issues are caused by poor blood flow.

• 10% of Men in their 20’s, 40% in their 40’s, 60% in their 60’s, 80% in their 70’s, suffer from some form of ED

How does Shockwave Therapy Help ED

• Increases Angiogenesis and blood flow

• Neovascularization

• Shockwave therapy combined with PRP increases local blood supply causing the release of additional growth hormones. These two processes together increase the stimulation and growth of new arterioles by increasing the number of growth factors tremendously with the combination therapy. The blood vessels improve the blood supply and oxygenation resulting in faster healing.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

• Treats the cause, not just the symptoms

• Enables Spontaneous Erections

• Visible Results within 3 weeks

• Offers proven clinical long-term results

• Completely safe with no side effects

• Non-invasive, totally painless

• Triggers natural repair mechanisms by increasing blood flow

• Restores sex life with stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections

• 70%+ Success Rate

• Compatible with other treatments

Aesthetic Applications

• Anti-cellulite therapy

• Improvement of uneven lipoplasty results

• Connective tissue tightening

• Skin rejuvenation and elasticity increase

• Lipoedema treatment

• Lymphatic system stimulation

• Appearance of stretch marks

• Minimizing unsightly scars

Other indications for AWT

Arthritis pain

All Sports injuries, Status post muscular injury

Myofascial trigger points,



Herniated or slipped discs,


Multiple Sclerosis (MS),

Renaud’s Disease (poor circulation in hands),

Scoliosis (Congenital & Postural – often treated as a secondary condition),

Spasticity (which is a symptom of many neurological conditions),

Spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis

Cellulite reduction,

Stretch mark elimination,

AWT Contraindications

• Do not apply to the eyes or surrounding area, the myocardium, spinal cord, gonads, kidneys, head, or liver

• Corticoid Therapy

• Patients with pacemaker or heart conditions

• Pregnant or nursing mothers

• Polypus in treatment area

• Thrombosis

• Tumor 

• Polyneuropathy

• Acute Infection

• Growing Cartilage in children

Possible side effects after treatment

• Erythema

• Temporary loss of Bodily sensation at treatment site

• Temporary itching in treatment area

• Hematoma

All side effects usually subside within 24-48 hours

Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT has many names:

• Shock Wave Therapy

• Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

• Radial Shock Wave Therapy ( RSWT)

• Cellupulse (Cellulite)

• Extracorporeal Acoustic Wave Therapy ( ESWT)

• Lithotripsy (Kidney Stones)

• Orthotripsy (Plantar Fasciitis)

• Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy ( LISWT) (ED) 

History and Explanation of EAWT

• First applied in the 1980s in Germany as an electrohydraulic generator and quickly developed in the last 60 years for orthopedic, physiatric, and urological purposes, extracorporeal acoustic wave therapy (EAWT) is now applied by electromagnetic supply of mechanical waves, which, unlike ultrasound technology, are characterized by short length (100 MPa), rapid rise in pressure, and a frequency spectrum between 16 Hz and 20 MHz.

• These waves are capable of crossing gases, solids, and liquids, and thanks to their mechanism of action that allows them to expand at a speed greater than that of sound, their propagation disturbs and changes intramolecular bonds. The change in fluid pressure leads to a cavitation effect, with micro damage to tissues, especially visible at the point on which the waves are focused. At present, the possibility of changing the wave focus has led to better control of the destructive cavitational effect and to the use of EAWT to activate tissue metabolism. As hypothesized, wave passage through tissues, such as skin, extracellular matrix, vessels, adipose tissues, and inflammatory cells, leads to neoangiogenesis, vasodilation, stimulation of proliferation, release of growth factors, and anti-inflammatory effects.

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