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Medical Weight Loss: LipoB Injection

LipoB Injection

Lipotropic Injections, also called LipoB shot, LipoB Slim shot, LipoB MIC shot, are a combination of B vitamins and three lipotropic amino acids, which play a vital role in the body’s use of fat. It is aimed at helping reduce appetite, increase the body’s natural fat-burning processes (to increase fat metabolism), and boost wellness.


Energy boost

Increase metabolism

Metabolize fats & carbs

Deeper sleep

Improve mood

Improve mental clarity

Improve brain function and memory

Reduce stress/depression/anxiety

Support wellbeing

Balance immune system

Improve anemia

Increase stamina

Maintain muscle tone

Healthy skin, teeth, bones, eyes

Support organs such as heart, pancreas, liver, kidney

Remove fat from liver

Eliminate toxins

Reduce cholesterol level

Repair damaged tissue & healing wound

Accelerated weight loss

Guard against future weight fain

Promote hair growth

Balance estrogen level



Convert sugar into energy

Promote cardiovascular health through producing neurotransmitter

Improve brain function including memory and concentration


Prevent heart disease and cancer through acting as an antioxidant

Break down protein, fat and carb, and help producing energy

Promote skin health through repair damaged tissue and clear skin

B3(Niacin and Niacinamide)

Lower heart disease

Lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol

Assist in energy production of cells

B5(Pantothenic acid, Dexpanthenol)

Help produce Vitamin D and steroid hormone

Reduce arthritis pain and nerve pain, improve athletic performance

Prevent acne and hair loss, and improve mental clarity


Maintain healthy brain function

Maintain normal nerve function

Play a key role in synthesizing antibodies to fight various disease


Produce energy and decrease fatigue and lethargy

Reduce depression, stress, and brain shrinkage

Essential for healthy skin, hair and nails

Methionine: an essential amino acid

Speed fat and cholesterol utilization

Mobilize fat from the liver to be released and used as energy

Help the body synthesize Carnitine (a fat burner)


A major components of cell membranes, prevent aging

Influence the action of insulin, help control sugar level

Affects brain chemical messengers like serotonin and dopamine, promote brain health


Assist in removing excess fats and cholesterol from liver

Needed in cell structure, cell messaging, DNA synthesis

Key in reducing inflammation markers, protect brain and nerve system

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