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Dr. Davis offers a wide range of leading-edge anti-aging medical treatments, including human growth hormone therapy, at Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institute in Plano, Texas. Dr. Davis’ human growth hormone therapy program has helped men and women overcome symptoms related to aging and their decreased production of human growth hormone.

Human Growth Hormone Q & A

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What Is human growth hormone therapy?

Adults need human growth hormone to maintain proper amounts of fat, muscle, and bone density in their bodies. Human growth hormone therapy is a placement therapy program that is designed to help people over the age of 30 maintain optimum body health. Human growth hormone is a synthetic equivalent of the human growth hormone produced naturally in the body. The growth hormone is responsible for muscle growth, mental function, and sexual function. This decrease can cause weight gain, a reduction in muscle mass, hair loss and other unwanted symptoms. mental function and to enjoy a healthy sex life we need growth hormone replacement. By replacing diminished HGH, patients enjoy rejuvenated skin tone, improved bone density, muscle strength and mental function, and an overall feeling of wellness.

Can human growth hormone therapy remedy erectile dysfunction?

The decrease in growth hormone production can be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. However, erectile dysfunction can have many causes, not all of which are hormone-related. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, one of the first things Dr. Davis will do is to test your home hormone levels. By understanding your hormone levels she can create a treatment plan that helps you overcome the symptoms associated with the decreased production of hormones.

Can decreased growth hormone cause a person to become overweight?

The decreased production of human growth hormone can absolutely cause a person to gain excessive weight. One of the jobs of the human growth hormone is to help our body produce muscle. This is why young men, bulk up not long after they enter puberty. Human growth hormone is one of many hormones in the human body. By adjusting its level, and offering diet and nutrition counseling, Dr. Davis has helped many patients attain and maintain a healthy weight.

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