IM Injections


Intramuscular Injections

  1. B12 Methylcobalamin 1cc $10

Energy, Brain, Nerve, Mood, Memory, Focus, DNA, Anemia, Hormone

It is needed for nerve tissue health, brain function.

Red blood cells cannot multiply appropriately without B12. Anemia can occur it red blood cells can not multiply.

It helps to create and regulate DNA.

The metabolism of every cell in the body depends on B12.

It plays a part in the synthesis of fatty acids and energy production.

Any excess or unwanted B12 is excreted in the urine.

Conditions Can Help:



-Memory problems


-Short of breath

-Irregular heartbeat

-A sore mouth or tongue

-Pale or yellowish skin


-Menstrual problems

-Constipation, loss of appetite

-Weight loss

-Numbness, tingling in the hands and feet

-Difficulty maintaining balance


-Susceptible to infections

-It can result in irreversible and potentially severe damage to the nervous system and brain

Who is at risk:


-Pregnancy and lactation vegans

-Pernicious anemia

-small intestine problems

-Inflammatory bowel disease


-Celiac disease



  1. B1 Thiamine 1cc $10

Energy, Performance, Nerve, Skin, Digestion

It keeps a healthy nerve system, brain function.

It helps to keep muscle, heart, stomach, and intestines healthy.

It helps the production of red blood cells. It enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy. It is essential for glucose metabolism.

Conditions Can Help:

-Improve sports performance

-Peripheral neuritis

-Ulcerative colitis

-Persistent diarrhea

-Poor appetite


-Canker sores


-Glaucoma and other vision problems

-Cerebellar syndrome

-Cervical cancer

-Diabetic pain


-Heart disease, like an enlarged heart

-Kidney disease

-A weakened immune system

-Weight loss


-Memory loss


-Muscle weakness

  1. B2 Riboflavin 1cc $20

Energy, Digestion, Adrenal Gland, Eye & Skin health

It is crucial for breaking down food components, absorbing other nutrients to maintaining tissues. It plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s energy supply. It helps convert carb into ATP(triphosphate).

Conditions Can Help:

-maintaining the mucous membranes of the digestive system

-maintaining a healthy liver

-converting tryptophan into niacin

-keeping healthy eyes, nerves, muscle, and skin

-absorbing and activating iron, folic acid, and B1, B3, B6

-essentials for hormone production of the adrenal glands

-preventing cataracts

-crucial for fetal development

  1. B3 Niacin, Nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, vitamin PP 1cc $10

Energy, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Lowering LDL

It plays a crucial role in energy production, it helps the body to use proteins and fast, keeps healthy skin, hair, and nerve system. It lowers cholesterol. It is an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties.

The body excretes any niacin does not need in urine, so people must consume it daily.

Conditions Can Help:

-a pigmented rash on the skin when exposed to the sun

-rough appearance to the skin

-bright red tongue

-fatigue or apathy

-vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea

-circulatory problems



-memory loss

-in severe cases, hallucinations

-A severe lack of vitamin B-3 can result in pellagra. The condition can be fatal.

-conditions that can lead to low levels of B-3 include:

-undernutrition, due to alcohol use disorder, anorexia, and inflammatory bowel disease

-a low intake of vitamin B-2, B-6, or iron

  1. B5 Dexpanthenol, pantothenic acid 1cc $10

Energy, Rebuild Tissues, Digestion, Skin, Sex & Stress Hormone

It helps produce energy by breaking down fats, protein, and carb so our body can use them for energy and rebuild tissues, muscles, and organs. It keeps healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver. It is converting food into glucose, synthesizing cholesterol and coenzyme,  forming sex and stress-related hormone, and forming red blood cells. It helps maintain a healthy digestive system and assists the body in using other vitamins.

Conditions Can Help:





-sleep disorders

-stomach pains




-muscle cramps


-burning feet

-upper respiratory infections

-decreased sensitivity to insulin

-skin irritation

-grey hair

  1. B6 pyridoxine 1cc $10

Energy, Nervous System, Sleep, Mood, Mucous & Skin

It benefits the central nervous system. It is Involving in producing the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, and in forming myelin.

It involves protein and glucose metabolism and the manufacture of hemoglobin. It keeps the lymph nodes, thymus, and spleen healthy.

It excretes in the urine. People need to take it daily.

Conditions Can Help:

-Peripheral neuropathy with tingling, numbness, and pain in the hands and feet





-Weakened immune system

-Seborrheic dermatitis


-Cheilosis (cracking of the lips)

-Infantile seizures

-Long term and excessive alcohol consumption



  1. B7 Biotin 1cc $10

Energy, Healthy Skin & Hair, Nervous System Balance

It helps the body metabolize fats, carb, and protein.

It is a coenzyme for carboxylase enzymes, which are involved in: synthesizing fatty acids, amino acids and valine, and gluconeogenesis or generating glucose.

People need to take it daily.

Deficiency can lead to hair loss and skin problems.

Conditions Can Help:

-Improve the strength and durability of fingernails and enhance hair and skin health

-Maintaining a healthy pregnancy

-high glucose, diabetes


-multiple sclerosis

-hair loss, or alopecia

-brittle nails

-seborrheic dermatitis

-mild depression

-a scaly, red rash around the eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals



-numbness and tingling in the hands and feet

-a loss of control of bodily movements, known as ataxia


-impaired immune function

-increased risk of bacterial and fungal infection

  1. B8 Inositol 1cc $10

Anxiety, depression, OTC, Fat metabolism, POCS

It helps metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome(POCS), panic disorder, depression, and Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  1. B9 folate, active form: methylfolate 1cc $10

Energy, Anemia, Mood, Hormone, DNA, RNA, Growth

It is needed to make red and white blood cells in the bone marrow, convert carb into energy, and produce DNA and RNA.

Adequate folate is extremely important during periods of rapid growth, such as pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence.

Conditions Can Help:

-Inadequate diet


-Difficulties in absorbing foods






Decreased fisk of congenital deformities

Lower risk of depression

Maintaining a healthy heart

  1. Dr. Davis LipoB MIC Slim Shot 1cc $10, 5cc $40

Energy, Performance, Motivation, Concentration, Focus, Mood, Sleep, Fat Loss

All B vitamins

Methionine: an essential amino acid

Speed fat and cholesterol utilization

Mobilize fat from the liver to be released and used as energy

Help the body synthesize Carnitine (a fat burner)


Significant components of cell membranes, prevent aging

Influence the action of insulin, help control sugar level

Affects brain chemical messengers like serotonin and dopamine, promote brain health


Assist in removing excess fats and cholesterol from the liver

It is needed in cell structure, cell messaging, DNA synthesis

It plays a crucial role in reducing inflammation markers, protect brain and nerve system

Energy, Weight Loss, Sleep, Mood, Anxiety

  1. Glutathione 600mg $30

Energy, Detox, Master antioxidant, Essentials for Liver and Cellular detox

It neutralizes free radicals and reactive oxygen species(ROS).

Conditions can help:

-chronic stress & illness

-chronic inflammation

-Metabolic, oxidative & cellular stress

-autoimmune disease

-poor digestive function

-neurodegenerative condition

-multiple sclerosis

-want to lighten skin

-too much or too little exercise

-toxic exposure

-inadequate diet

  1. Dexamethasone 4mg/cc, $20

Antiinflammation, Allergy, Rash, Congestion,

  1. DMPS Chelation 150mg $150

-Toxic heavy metal exposure

DMPS (2,3 dimercaptopropane sulfonate) is a synthetic amino acid chelating agent of toxic heavy metals. It is considered most effective for binding and elimination of arsenic, mercury, and also lead. DMPS is routinely used as an antidote for heavy metal poisoning, and the treatment for chronic metal overexposure. It is a water-soluble analog of BAL that shows no potential risk of redistributing metals to the central nervous system. The most common side effect, following IV DMPS is a local skin reaction of only temporary nature, but even that has been linked to the mercury intoxication.

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