• What is the P-Shot (Priapus shot)?

    by Dr. Davis
    on Mar 14th, 2019

The secret ingredient is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).  PRP has been used by Orhopedic surgeons to treat injured athletes in order get them back to participating in their sport sooner. 

Now doctors are using PRP to treat sexual dysfunction; the P shot for men and the O shot for women.  Both shots are available here at Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institute.

These procedures take the patient's own blood, which is then placed in a special tube and spun in the centrifuge.  The PRP is isolated during the spin and then injected into the male or female anatomy.  The platelets are full of cytokines, which are growth factors and healing factors.  The stem cells rejuvenate the tissue that is treated.

What men say afer P Shot:  (Results may vary)

Straightened Penis

Strengthened Penis

Immediately larger penis

Increased Circulation within penis for a healthier organ

Decreased dosage requirement for viagra/cialis/trimix

Increased sensation and pleasure (helps correct damage from diabetes)

No allergic reaction (using one's own body fluids)

No lumpiness

Minimal pain





Author Dr. Davis

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