What is the "O" Shot and who will benefit

The secret ingredient is PRP, (platelet rich plasma).  PRP has been used to rejuvenate the face, and to treat sports injuries.

First came the vampire face lift, where doctors take the patient's blood, isolate the PRP, then inject it into the skin for a more youthful appearance.  Orthopedic surgeons also use this technique for athletes to heal injuries and get them back to participating in their sport sooner.

Now doctors are using PRP to to treat sexual dysfunction; the O Shot (for women) and the P shot (for men).  Both shots are available here at Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institute.  

These procedures use the patient's own blood, which is then placed in a special tube and spun in the centrifuge.  The PRP is isolated during the spin process and then injected into the female or male anatomy.  The platelets are full of cytokines, which are growth factors and healing factors.  Platelet-derived growth factors activate multi-potent stem cells to form new, healthier tissue.  The stem cells rejuvenate the tissue that is treated.

For females, numbing cream is applied to the area.  A very small needle is then used to put about 1cc of PRP directly under the clitoris, and about 4cc in the upper vagina, between the top of the vagina and the urethra.  There will be an immediate plumping effect just from the filler. Overtime, collagen and elastin are produced to rejuvenate the area.  

It is not a painful shot, due to the topical anesthetics.  Some women feel a sexual boost immediately, but typically, it  takes about 3 weeks and most women feel the full benefits which will last for up to a year.




Dr. Davis

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