Rejuvapen Micro Needling with PRP

WARNING:  Do not kill your skin stem cells using some other procedure.  Instead, STIMULATE stem cell activity.

At Texas Antiaging Medicine Institute, Rejuvapen Micro Needling with PRP has been safetly performed and with great success.  Like Mesotherapy, it uses thin needles that can be adjusted in length to penetrate your skin.  The purpose is to make a myriad of micro "channel" that stimulate the skin to "heal" by producing more collagen.  And with those micro channels open, PRP gets into the skin to help stimulate the growth of new collagen and new tissue.  We are using FDA approved and highly concentrated PRP kits for the best results.

The Rejuvapen allows more tiny wounds to be created per square centimeter.  It also makes it easier to reach trickier areas like around the nose and eyes resulting in:   

With the application of topical numbing cream, there is minimal pain, if any.  The entire procedure takes about an hour.  Downtime is minimal since the wounds are so tiny.  The epidermis will heal in hours.  It will look like a minor sunburn, which will improve in 24-48 hours.  A professional patient recovery skin care kit is available to give your skin the best care and quickest recovery.

A few hours up to a few days following the procedure skin may feel dry and tight.  This is normal.

A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results, starting with 3, spaced at least 30 days apart.  Depending on age and condition of skin, maintenance may be recommended every 6 months to 1 year.



Dr. Davis

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