P-Shot (Priapus Shot) for Penile Enlargement

Dr. Hong Davis is an expert on P-Shot(Priapus Shot).
We only use FDA approved and high concentrated PRP kits for the best results!
The median follow up was 6 months (range 3-12 months).
The mean penile length gain was 7mm per injection.
Total gain after 5 injections was 35mm.
The mean penile girth gain was 5mm per injection.
Total gain after 5 injections was 30mm.
Adverse side effects are negligible. Severe or fatal side effect was zero.
Erection satisfaction by the same patient was 70%.
Conclusion: penile length and girth enhancement.....is a safe, cheap and effective procedure. Procedure can be performed in the outpatient department.
Combined Treatment of Injecting Platelet Rich Plasma with Vacuum pump for Penile Enlargement
Kumar, C.S.,
Sharath Mens Clinic, India
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Dr. Davis

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