Combined treatment of injecting PRP with vaccuum pump for penile enlargement

1220 patients suffering from small penis with or without erectile dysfunction underwent this technique of increasing penile length and girth by injecting platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Patients were given vaccuum pumps for daily usage.  

32ml of the patients' own blood was withdrawn by using BD vacutainers with ACD "A" solution.  The blood was centriguged.  PRP was separated from the blood.  PRP was injected into the corpora.  Local anaesthesia spray and injection was used.  

The procedure was repeated monthly for 5 months.  Graduated vaccuum pump and measuring tapes were used for taking penile measurements.  Patients were taught to use the pump and advised to use daily for 20 minutes for 5 months.  

Results:  1220 patients underwent the procedure.  The 7were micro penis, small penis, bent penis, peyronie's disease, severe erectile dysfunction, post-penile fracture, post-redo-espispadias repair and postpriapism.

The median follow-up was 6 months (range 3-12 months).  the mean penile length gain was 7mm per injection.  Total gain after 5 injections was 35mm.  The mean penile girth gain was 5mm per injection.  Total gain after 5 injections was 30mm.  Adverse side effects were negligible.  Severe of fatal side effects were zero.

Dr. Davis

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