Before the O shot (1)

When my partner and I have sex, I feel pain in my uterus. It made me insecure about having sex.   I did not tell my partner because I didn't want him to feel bad about it or make him feel like he was doing something wrong.  

I felt inadequate myself since I did'nt enjoy having sex; I had to pretend that everything was fine. It made me feel that I was less of a woman since I did not feel like I was really pleasing my partner.  Because of my insecurity I started eating more and gaining weight.   I didn't know what to do!

I spoke with women I trusted about my issues.  Some of them had similar issues and some just didn't enjoy having sex anymore.  I was concerned about my relationship with my partner and I found out that I wasn't alone.  Having sex became a chore, not only for me but for many of the women I spoke with.  And some weren't even having sex at all, which caused a strain in their relationship.  I did not want this to happen to me.  I wanted to bond with my partner and become even closer.

I spoke with my doctor about this and that is when she told me about the O shot.

Dr. Davis

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