• After the O shot (1)

    by Dr. Davis
    on Feb 13th, 2019

I hadn't heard of the O shot before, and I am a bit afraid of needles.  The doctor assured me the pain would be minimal if any at all.  I decided to go for it because I was willing to do almost anything to get our intimacy back.

It really didn't hurt.  I felt a little prick in my clitoris, nothing serious.  Although I was told it could take 8 weeks to 3 months for the full benefits, and I would start feeling the difference in 3 weeks, I experienced some relief that first night.  It was almost like I was a virgin again because I was so much tighter down there.  I cried after the first time because it was so different.  Before it was like I've done this so many times, blah, blah, blah.  Now it is such a wonderful experience and we have bonded again like in the beginning.

I am feeling so much better about myself.  I have even started to lose the weight I gained.  Sex was so difficult for me.  Now I don't have to spend time preparing myself, and use things to entice myself to make me feel better and eventually hopefully have an orgasm.  It is so much easier, doesn't take as long and it feels better.  

My partner and I are enjoying sex more often; I like having sex again!  I get aroused 3 times a day or when I think about him.   We have sex more frequently now and more spontaneously.  it is much more pleasureable for me. There is still a little bit of pain, but nothing compared to before.  Previously, there were times when penetration would be almost impossible because it was so painful.  Now if there is pain, it is very brief and goes away quickly.

I am so glad I had this shot.  It's like we have a new relationship, getting to re-know eachother.  Before I had the  O shot I was worried we were drifting apart.  No spark.  We were like ok, we've told all of our stories, done all our things, so where do we go from here?  Now we are closer than ever.

I hope this helps alot of couples stay together; the intimacy and bonding that comes with having a healthy sex life is amazing.  So many women just keep their problems to themselves.  The consequences can be detrimental to their relationship if they don't get some help.



Author Dr. Davis

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