With Restylane, you can have a natural beauty lift with the body’s own material. Restylane is a crystal-clear, non-animal, biodegradable gel based on a natural substance, called hyaluronic acid. The gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The result is instantaneous and produces a long-lasting, natural enhancement, gentle and safe to your skin.
Restylane should last anywhere from 6 to 9 months. Restylane longevity is patient and placement dependent, depending on where the material is put.  The most common areas are the glabellar lines (frown lines), the nasolabial folds (laugh lines), and the lips. Very superficial or very deep wrinkles may be difficult to correct with Restylane alone.
A Restylane treatment is a very simple and quick process. Since no skin testing is needed, the treatment can be made immediately and it takes about 30 minutes. The result is instantaneous .
Restylane is a safe product. Since hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the body, the skin does not react to the material. With over 100,000 people treated today, only a very small number of reactions have been reported. These reactions may consist of prolonged but temporary redness, swelling, itching or tenderness. Most have lasted for a couple of weeks.